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Community Voice was started by a group of people that felt exactly like you. To this end, we freely provide a tool kit of uncensored information and resources for sharing and exchanging ideas, thoughts, and knowledge. Being a DIY activism resource centre, you can find on this site ready-made flyers you can choose to download and print. We can also assist with connecting you with other people in your community that have a passion for the same cause and may be keen to partner with you


Community Voice is purposefully apolitical. Our objective is to encourage an open and free dialog on the current social crises that have a direct or indirect impact upon people’s lives.
Where the social media companies and the main stream media are denying us access to all available information, Community Voice aims to enable people to connect, collaborate, and promote their thoughts and ideas on these social crises.

Community Voice is not a platform for extremists of any stripe, it is a safe haven for people who want to voice their concerns and share their ideas about fundamental social crises that jeopardise our freedom and individuality