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Community Voice

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Community Voice is a platform for like-minded people who want to come together, be informed, learn, share information about current events and connect with others with similar interests. We assist in creating ideas, projects, and solutions that help the community resolve key challenges.

Community Voice Aims

Our objective is to encourage an open and free dialog on the current social crises that have a direct or indirect impact upon people’s life and work in general.

Our aim is to enable people to connect, collaborate and promote their thoughts and ideas on these social crises.

To this end, we freely provide a tool kit of uncensored information, resources for sharing and exchanging ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

Social contracts are the at the core of community life. It is high time we all partake again in promoting social responsibility that will benefit everyone. 

We believe that people are now awakening to censorship, suppression of ideas and authoritarian leadership.

Information, collaboration and knowledge encourages people to speak with one voice and be heard as a united community.

Community Voice is not a platform for extremists of any stripe, it is a safe haven for people who want to voice their concerns and share their ideas about fundamental social crises that jeopardise our freedom and individuality.