Strategies that can work for Shelbyville

August 9, 2018

BY Marilyn Bloodworth

 In communities today it is with passion and community involvement with creativity and leaders that motivate people to take innovational action to improve their communities. It is very important for people to have a say in what is happening in their community. When there is no voice for the people they feel locked out of the system. The citizens begin to feel a disconnect and feel like their issues are not important.

Shelbyville Tn. is a small rural community that offers a safe place for its citizens but what is missing are those values that can express or show the demographics of its citizens. The traditional values certainly represent the attitudes of the communities. The relationships of the people are extraordinary. Although we have access to an awesome recreation center and other parks, and attractions for other recreations such as horse shows and country bands, whats missing are the local businesses that would reflect the demographics of all the people. I only found a limited number of African American businesses, but yet they make up 11 percent of the population. There were quite a few of Mexican or Hispanic business thriving. Hispanics make up 23 percent of the citizens.  
What I have found lacking are the political thinking that leadership has for its minority citizens, even though the cost of living is lower than many small towns in Tennessee, Shelbyville still remains the lowest when it comes to boosting revenue for tourism.  One way we could offer a stronger base financially to the area would be to encourage citizens to create businesses that reflect the people that live there. The long-term potential would be for city leaders to focus on all its citizens by ensuring a plan that would bring in tourism that reflects all the people.   The benefits for the people would be to invest in what's best for them if you give them a voice. There are more than enough fast food restaurants, we need to focus and establish more of a base that will build an environment that benefits new opportunities such as small businesses, which can create jobs. 

 City Leaders must reach out to its citizens giving everyone an equal opportunity to be a participant within the system, so they can continue to build on an effective economic base that is geared in sustaining healthy communities.  

The focus should continually be on accomplishing whats important for the people in Shelbyville Tn. In doing this will continue to bring value and better tax structures in place where everyone will benefit as a community.

What do you think?